Step 1: First you will need to factory reset the phone.

ress Menu → Setting → Advanced Setting (default password: admin) → Factory Reset. Press OK soft key in the warning page.

Step 2: To find your phone’s IP address, simply press the key and select Network on the phone.

Configuring a H-Tek

Step 3: Point your browser to the web interface of your H-Tek IP phone, which in this example is

Configuring a H-Tek

Enter your phone’s login credentials – username and password is admin by default.

Step 4: Click on the Account tab and enter the following information.

Account: Account1

Account Active: Yes

Label & Name: Enter the name you want to appear on the phone’s display

SIP User ID : < sip username >

Authenticate ID : < sip username >

Authenticate Password : < sip password >

Primary SIP Server:

Configuring a H-Tek

Step 5: Once you’ve entered all the details in the accounts page click on Save Set and Restart.

Dial Pattern :

  • For Singapore 65 + < Number >. Ex: 6563401006
  • For International Prefix: 00 + < Country Code > + < Number >
  • Ex: 008034790665(Japan)
  • You can buy from our website if you don’t have an SIP account