Inbound Caller ID setting

Step 1 : a. Go to Inbound Parameter

b. Change caller Numbers to “From: Display Name”

c. “Called Number” change to “From: User part”

d. “Caller Name” Change to “From: Display Name”

cloudnippon inbound_outbound_caller

Step 2 : Go to Inbound Rules –>Add DID

a. Enter Inbound Rule Name

b. Change Inbound Rule type“DID/DDI number/mask”

c. Enter the full DID number in DID mask

d. Select the Cloudnippon truk

e. Select the destination.

cloudnippon inbound_outbound_caller

Outbound Caller ID Setting

Step 2 : Go to Outbound Parameter

Change “From : Display Name” as shown screen shot

Change “From :User Part” as shown screen shot

Change “Contact: User Part” as shown in the screen shot

cloudnippon inbound_outbound_caller