Configure Cloudnippon SIP Account on Zoiper – Windows

Step 1 : Download Zoiper softphone app(free) from below url.

Step 2 : Install Zoiper client on your Windows PC/Laptop.

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Step 3 : Once launch the Zoiper app first time, You need to allow windows firewall

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Step 4 : Configuring Cloudnippon SIP Trunk

Go to Settings –> Configure a new account and select “SIP”

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Step 5 : Enter the SIP account Credentials(will be provided by us)

User : < sip username > (eg. 63101013)

Password : < sip password > (eg. Demo45$8f456)

Domain : < sip server > (eg.

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Skip auto-detection

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Step 6 : To check the registration status and settings

Go to Settings –> Preferences

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